CBD Products – Understanding Dosage and Product Labels

Deciphering Confusing Dosage and Product Labels – Understanding Dosage and Product Labels

No doubt, the number of CBD products on the market is overwhelming. Nonetheless, choosing between them may not be your biggest problem, but deciphering the different product labels.

Most of the single-serving products or edibles such as tablets and strips will come with dosage information, and the serving size is straight forward. In contrast, such products as tinctures are a whole different ball game. Figuring out the right calculations of dosage is not as easy as it sounds, not to mention the various names that manufacturers use to refer to CBD.

Below, we list some of the benchmarks to help you figure out the dosing of CBD and other relevant information.

● 1 oz. is the measurement of most tincture bottles. But you will still find two ounces and 5 ounces, among others.
● 1 oz. has up to 30 mm
● 1 mm is the standard size of most droppers
● So, there are 30 droppers in a 30 mm bottle
● 1 mm dropper has up to 20 drops

With the above benchmarks on your fingertips, it will not be challenging to figure out what you are getting in a bottle of CBD tincture. Typically, most manufacturers will indicate the number of CBD millimetres in a bottle. For example, the front label may have the figure as 500 mm. This is usually the total CBD in the whole bottle. That translates to 500 mg/30 ml in the 1 ml bottle.

This is the same as 16.7 mg/ ml, which means that every dropper has about 17 milligrams of CBD.

Some products will have low CBD content, and they may not be the best value for money, depending on your needs. For example, 2 oz. bottle with 350 MG of CBD will translate to about 6 MG CBD in a single dropper (i.e. 350 mg/ 60 ml: 5.8 mg). If 6 mg in a single-dose is not what you are looking for, then you should look for better concentration.

Higher concentration makes it easy to dose or titrate. For example, you will need two full droppers to get 12 mg of CBD from the above example. If the concentration were higher, you would only need a fraction of the dropper or a few drops to get the ideal dose.

If the vendor does not provide the number of millilitres and milligrams of CBD in the bottle, then the chances are that it’s not that much. Save your bucks and look somewhere else.