New Ways to Consume CBD Oil


To avoid drug interactions, always let your doctor know about any high potency CBD product that you intend to take or you are already taking.

High Potency Oil

The extract applicators or oral applicators are usually high potency oils. The highly concentrated oils are super thick, viscous, and quite dark in color. They are most appropriate for people that need a high dose of CBD oil. For optimal absorption, take the high potency oils sublingually using a syringe. But you are still free to make your own edibles and capsules by mixing with carrier oils.

Quick Dissolve Strips and Tablets

CBD tablets and quick dissolve strips are the latest products in the CBD market. The dosage of each range between 5 and 10 mg and meant for consumption under the tongue. And apart from giving you a standardized way of CBD consumption, the tablets and quick dissolve strips are portable, convenient, and discrete.


Topical CBD products are for external use, and they are most appropriate for localized relief. The products can be ointments, salves, lotions, sprays, oils, and salves.

When applied topically, CBD can be quite effective on sunburns, muscle tightness, itching, and inflammation. The bioavailability of these products is zero, and so they do not enter the bloodstream. It is the CB2 receptors in the skin that pick up the CBD from the topicals and use them locally to reduce inflammation and other issues. Usually, the relief is in a specific area. The onset of the products is within 15 minutes, and the effects can last up to 4 hours. Sometimes, the product may contain THC for pain relief, but that should not worry you because it does not enter the bloodstream. You will not get high from the topicals.

For people suffering from acne, CBD may prove a novel treatment for them. Typically, cannabidiol blocks the production of oil in the skin, and that can prove quite adequate for the skin condition. It can also be helpful in arthritis pain, especially on the elbows, hands, and knees. CBD cannabis oil helps with skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis, among others. They provide relief where you need it, and it can be quite useful. Please note that the effectiveness and strength of the topicals vary widely, and you need to be careful when choosing. The therapeutic effect of the topicals is not that long, but they can be a great add-on if you are looking to add CBD into your life.

About Suppositories

Rectal suppositories are a new way of consuming CBD, but there is no consensus about their effectiveness. What is known is that the rectal route avoids some of the barriers to optimal absorption of the CBD, such as fast pass metabolic action and liver. Ideally, the suppositories should have excipients that enhance bioavailability. Remember that cannabinoids are fat-loving compounds for easy absorption.

Recent research showed that rectal suppositories were effective in reducing colitis in animal models. Some patients also report getting relief swiftly after consuming the suppositories. In particular, the CBD rectal suppositories with hemisuccinate excipients may be quite beneficial for patients. This increases absorption by using water-soluble compounds to break down fat-soluble compounds.


The products absorbed through the layers of the skin are transdermal. They enter the bloodstream through the skin and have a quicker onset – about 15 minutes. The relief of transdermal products is long, delivered consistently, and slowly over about 5 hours for gels. Some of the patches have up to 96-hour delivery periods.

Given that the transdermal products enter the bloodstream, the effect is not entirely localized, but system-wide. They are therefore ideal for such conditions as diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and muscle spasms – conditions with generalized pain. CBD patches are becoming popular among athletes to treat muscle injuries. However, anecdotal reports indicate that they may not be quite as effective as the other methods. Some patients say that transdermal methods have relatively subtler effects in comparison to others.

So far, the focus is mainly on patches in the transdermal market. Typically, the adhesive medicated products deliver a particular amount of CBD to your body. In some cases, they also contain THC in addition to CBD. You will also find others with THCA and CBN. Several companies have jumped into the market in response to the growing popularity of transdermal patches.

At the moment, patches are applied on the ankle or inside the wrist. What makes the patches simple to use as the fact that you can cut them up to ensure small doses. Well, we can say that self-titration using transdermal patches is effortless. Furthermore, you can remove the patches to reduce the effects within just half an hour. They are also straightforward to use, and all you need is to slap them on.