Again About CBD and Coronavirus. Expose Lies and Baseless Promises.

CBD – Coronavirus Scam Alert: Beware Fake Claims!

cbd and coronavirus fake news

As we have repeatedly written, there is no evidence that CBD helps with the treatment of Coronavirus (COVID-19). At the same time, it is known that CBD is bronchodilator and it means that THC found in cannabis can dilate the respiratory air passages and inhibits bronchoconstriction, which is the main problem of asthma patients. Another research published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics showed that CBD protects the lungs.

If you’ve been diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), treatment will be a long and progressive process based on individual factors. Many people use oxygen therapy during the early stages of COPD to slow down the progress of the disease. More severe cases may call for surgical interventions, such as lung transplants. CBD has been studied for its anti-inflammatory effects and its efficacy as a bronchodilator. Both of these effects indicate that CBD may alleviate some of the symptoms of COPD.

CBD can be involved in the treatment of even a disease like lung cancer. Read “Striking lung cancer response to self-administration of cannabidiol: A case report and literature review” published at US National Library of medicine. Authors: Josep Sulé-Suso, Nick A Watson, Daniel G van Pittius, and Apurna Jegannathen after analysis and research made conclusion: In summary, the data presented here indicate that CBD may have had a role in the striking response in a patient with histologically proven adenocarcinoma of the lung as a result of self-administration of CBD oil for a month and in the absence of any other identifiable lifestyle, drug or dietary changes. Further work is needed both in vitro and in vivo to better evaluate the various mechanisms of action of CBD on malignant cells, and its potential application in the treatment of not only lung cancer but also other malignancies.

At the same time studies have shown that CBD may help boost immunity and help protect the immune system through its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabinoid therapies may help decrease inflammation, modulate the immune system, and help bring the system back into balance.

In the research “The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research” done by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Health and Medicine Division; Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice; Committee on the Health Effects of Marijuana you can find the following conclusion: Although based on limited evidence, an interesting finding was the association between cannabis use in healthy individuals and a decrease in the production of certain inflammatory cytokines. Similar findings have been reported in animal- and cell-based experiments. More studies will need to be conducted to verify the anti-inflammatory activity of cannabis in humans.

Finally, authors Kerstin Iffland, and Franjo Grotenhermen in their study “An Update on Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol: A Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal Studies” saying that CBD has a better side effect profile. This could improve patients’ compliance and adherence to treatment. CBD is often used as adjunct therapy. Therefore, more clinical research is warranted on CBD action on hepatic enzymes, drug transporters, and interactions with other drugs and to see if this mainly leads to positive or negative effects, for example, reducing the needed clobazam doses in epilepsy and therefore clobazam’s side effects.

Because of that I would like to say the following:

  • CBD for the treatment of coronavirus has not been studied. Accordingly, it cannot be recommended for this purpose, and those who write that CBD helps are simply deceivers or uneducated people.
  • But CBD can show a positive effect on your immune system and help protect against the virus, as well as improve the condition of your lungs.
  • Finally, CBD does not have a negative effect, or at least until it is detected. In short, CBD is not a cure for coronavirus, but CBD can calm you down, relieve stress, and can strengthen your defense against infection.