Some CBD Companies Are Making False Claims About CBD and Coronavirus

Cannabidiol and Coronavirus:CBD May Not Be A Cure For Coronavirus In Humans

Some CBD Companies Are Making False Claims About CBD and Coronavirus

CBD-Coronavirus Misinformation Is Already Everywhere

CBD has got a status as almost panacea. Its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties have seen the cannabinoid, and cannabis itself, come to be a frequently recommended solution for all kind of diseases and illness, from chronic pain, to anxiety, and more.

Conceivably it’s no wonder then, as the coronavirus pandemic circulates all around the world, CBD misrepresentation has emerged. According to Internet analytics:

  • One unlicensed CBD brand in Canada has claimed it can help defend against coronavirus.
  • Another CBD retailer in Idaho took down a message on its e-commerce website which mentioned coronavirus, following a caution from US federal regulators.

Among the flow of information or misinformation being circulated and published regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has been discussion about whether cannabinoids — mostly CBD — has the capacity to kill the virus or stop its contagion. There is no clinical evidence for CBD as an effective antiviral is sparse, though there are a small handful of preclinical studies that suggest the cannabinoid could be of use in treating viral hepatitis C and Kaposi’s sarcoma. Still, there is no evidence that the compound could be useful in tackling COVID-19 in the same way.

Natural health support products like CBD and medical cannabis has so many wonderful medical factors that there is no need to extend the truth or make fake claims that cannot be backed up by studies and research, at least not currently.

There are only two promising notes about CBD:

First, some studies reveal that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which can be helpful in suppressing the immune system by reducing inflammation. CBD is an immune suppressor, so it has positive effects when the immune system becomes hyperactive or weakened.

And second, are antibacterial hand sanitizers with addition of CBD. A Journal of Natural Products research article, published in 2008 by the American Chemical Society, reported that cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG), two of the most abundant cannabinoids found in hemp, “showed potent activity against a variety of MRSA strains.” Cannabinoids have been proven to have potent antibacterial properties, but this study shows that cannabinoids can be an effective ingredient to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria which is the leading cause of death in hospitals.

Conclusion about false statements in the advertisement and products description:

The statement “FIGHT COVID-19” is not a medical claim. It doesn’t mean “PREVENT COVID-19.”

There’s a false connection between “fight this virus” and “this anti-bacterial product.”

As for CBD and cannabis, we don’t have any studies showing it has any effect on the coronavirus,

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