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Hemp Oil Market with Covid-19 Impact Analysis, Trend, Share, Size, Supply

Hemp Oil Market with Covid-19 Impact Analysis, Trend, Share, Size, Supply and Manufacturers Analysis Research Report 2027   Global hemp oil market is set to witness a healthy CAGR of 35.87% in the forecast period of 2019- 2026. The report contains data of the base year 2018 and historic year 2017. Rising use of hemp […]

Prevent Aging: Pure CBD Hemp Oil

CBD is the need of the time in so many ways! Whatever human body needs to cope up daily body structuring! Growing up muscles! Breaking up muscles! Whatever the age you fall in, are the protein, fiber, minerals and high level of vitamins A, C, E, fatty and amino acids not what human body need […]

The Football Fever: Chris Spielman endorses natural supplement CBD

  DUBLIN — Former Buckeye and NFL linebacker Chris Spielman says CBD “takes the edge off.” Spielman is now endorsing the natural supplement as he eliminates over the counters pain relievers from his daily regimen. Spielman agreed to put his name on a line of cannabidiol products from the Columbus-based company CBD Health Collection after […]

7 recommended ways to consume CBD-based products

CBD-based products are trending like crazy. You can find CBD-based products available for sale online or at any cannabis dispensary or pharmacy. It doesn’t matter if they have legalized recreational marijuana or not because CBD is not a cannabinoid that causes psychoactive effects in users. For this reason, CBD is perfectly legal to consume in all 50 […]

Congress Allows Troops To Use CBD Products

As of Monday, July 20th, military service members are no longer forbidden to use CBD products. According to Marijuana Moment, the House of Representatives approved a measure that allows troops to use hemp products as well as its derivatives. The measure passed by a vote of 336 to 71. The initiative was led by Hawaii Rep. […]

CBD Products – Understanding Dosage and Product Labels

Deciphering Confusing Dosage and Product Labels – Understanding Dosage and Product Labels No doubt, the number of CBD products on the market is overwhelming. Nonetheless, choosing between them may not be your biggest problem, but deciphering the different product labels. Most of the single-serving products or edibles such as tablets and strips will come with […]

Industrial Hemp versus Medical Cannabis

Industrial Hemp Compared to Medical Cannabis—Derived CBD The main difference between cannabis plants and hemp plants is the content of resin. Industrial hemp is from pedigree seed, and it only contains a small amount of resin. These low resin agricultural crops are machine harvested and transformed into various products such as ropes, plastics, and fabrics, [...]

New Ways to Consume CBD Oil

HIGH-POTENCY CANNABIDIOL AND OTHERS To avoid drug interactions, always let your doctor know about any high potency CBD product that you intend to take or you are already taking. High Potency Oil The extract applicators or oral applicators are usually high potency oils. The highly concentrated oils are super thick, viscous, and quite dark in […]

Ways to take CBD: How can I Consume CBD?

Undoubtedly, the number of cannabis products has grown in leaps and bounds. As legal and cultural attitudes towards hemp and cannabis continue to change for the better, and growth in cannabis technology, you can expect an abundance of choice for consumption. In contemporary times, people looking to consume cannabidiol can do so by vaping or […]

Cannabidiol Drugs Clinical Trial Outcomes and Adverse Effects

Abstract This review aims to present completed clinical trial data surrounding the medicinal benefits and potential side effects of the increasingly popular cannabidiol (CBD)-based drug products, specifically Epidiolex. The article is divided into two sections based on if the ailment being treated by this cannabinoid is classified as either physiological or neurological conditions. In addition […]